Imperium Multimedia Games presents

Boxing Fighting Clash

Boxing Fighting Clash is a brand new Sport Game that brings new joy to all players who like dynamic fighting games.

We proudly present our new versatile gameplay with more tactics and ways to beat your opponent. The game is very versatile and each player can find his own play style. Each Punch has its own purpose, they are different on speed, stamina cost, damage and knockout potential. Collect points with jabs and counter your opponent with big combos. Use all your skills like punching, dodging, blocking, COMBOS and super punches to get your opponents down on the ground.
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Imperium Multimedia Games presents

MMA Fighting Clash

A brand new Sport Game that brings new joy to all players who like dynamic fighting games.

Choose from 25 legendary fighters, all over the world and step into the cage. Try your best to beat your opponents. Use all your skills like punching, kicking, blocking and super kicks and takedowns to get your opponents down on the ground. Do not rush, don’t risk cuts, protect yourself and wait for the right moment to use your rage to slam everyone in your way!

Imperium Multimedia Games at GameUp 2107

GameUp, događaj posvećen domaćim kreatorima video igara, svoje treće izdanje imaće 18. marta u Domu omladine Beograda!

Pokrenut s namerom da promoviše i osnaži lokalnu game dev zajednicu, tokom dva prethodna izdanja GameUp je okupio više od 30 indie studija i više od 1500 posetilaca koji su imali priliku da slušaju 10 sati stručnih predavanja i upoznaju se sa radom domaćih gaming kompanija.

★ Intuitive touch controls
★ 25 Look a Like Characters like (Ronda Rousey, Fedor and Alexander Emilianenko, Connor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Kimbo Slice, Bruce Lee and many more MMA Legends.) with different strenghts and weakpoints
★ Realistic Sounds, Graphics and Animations
★ Challenges and Quick Fights
★ Action-packed gameplay with different styles of combat like BJJ, Muay Thai, Box, Kickbox, Sambo and many others , dodging, rage, cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts.
★ Gripping Kickboxing atmosphere, experience the sensation of MMA in a big arena!


Fullversion will be avaible on the google play store and will include following

★ Career in different weight classes with any created or purchased fighter
★ League and Challanges
★ 3 Weight classes
★ Character customization
★ Libary with over 100 moves that you can setup for your fighters
★ Store with fighters, clothing, abilites, boosts and much more


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