The video game industry is ever changing and evolving, which is one of its most interesting aspects. In order to always be the best at what we do, we constantly have to adapt to these changes.

All of us here at Imperum Multimedia Games share the passion to create great things. The name Imperium has become synonymous with the fighting  games, spearheaded by the successful MMA Fighting Clash

For us, creativity is something that permeates our everyday life, in the office and outside of it. This is reflected in everything we do. Work for us isn’t something done by individuals, but rather a team effort where every member contributes with his or her own expertise.

By exercising a flat hierarchy and nurturing an attentive design process, we give each and every employee the opportunity to contribute with their own ideas, how far-stretched or crazy they may seem at first. Not only does this keep our creativity high, it also helps build a climate that offers the best possible place for our staff to grow professionally, find new friends, and kick back after a hard day’s work. We regularly take stock of what we’ve done. We analyze previous work-routines and are always looking for new ideas that can be beneficial for everyone involved – not just our company but the video industry as a whole. The gaming sector may still be young, but that just means that we still can influence it. We’ve always felt obliged to strive for the very best. And with more and more experience, we are well aware of the fact that you never can rest on your laurels if you want to achieve greatness.

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